Outwitting the Devil

Personally writen by Kyle Edginton

I recently started reading a new book called Outwitting the Devil: The Secret to Freedom and Success. An interesting thing about the book is that it was written in 1938 by one of the world’s most influential minds on personal achievement. That is Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich fame. The book was never published because it was considered too controversial by his family and advisors. It was finally published by Sharon Lechter, a Rich Dad Advisor, at the request of the Napoleon Hill Foundation as very fitting for the times.

The reason that I am writing specifically about the book today is to talk briefly about a comment that the Devil makes to Mr. Hill during an interview.

I ask no person to believe in me. I prefer that people fear me. I am no beggar! I take what I want by cleverness and force. Begging people to believe is the business of my opposition – not mine.

This comment was made while Napoleon Hill is trying to understand how the Devil is able to control the minds of men and keep them from succeeding in life.

This comment jumped out at me because it really talks about how easy it is for me to limit myself. Many times I never even give myself the chance to see if I can achieve something new or different. The Devil has embedded in me the fear of failure and fear of ridicule. I have to strain to really see what I can achieve because my mind is clouded by this fear.

I see many other people in this situation as well. The Devil has us in his grip. But there is a way out.

What I also learned from Outwitting the Devil is that the Devil is also fearful. He is fearful of losing this grip. Losing control of our minds. All that is required is for us to think and to gain and exercise greater control over our own emotions.

By consciously controlling our thoughts we start creating a habit of progress and success. When we have clarity of thought, the Devil cannot maintain his grip and keep us in the cloud of fear.

Just this morning I was fighting the Devil inside. Stressing about what I need to do. Worrying about the weather and how it will postpone my work or how I will look if the weather is postponed and the weather clears. When I picked up Outwitting the Devil and saw that comment again, I realized that I was the one who was in control and I stepped out of the cloud and got to work.

So far the book is having a profound influence on me and I highly recommend reading it.

Break the Devil’s grip on you and kick him out of your life!

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