Dreams Can Give You Life

Personally writen by Kyle Edginton

Even if you were born with nothing, having a dream can give you the strength to live and enjoy life. Even if you made mistakes that caused you to lose everything, having a dream can give you the drive to live again. Even in everything was taken from you, having a dream can lead you to triumph.

Recently, I found the website It allows you to watch full length, recent and older movies and TV episodes online. In particular, I was looking for episodes of Welcome Back, Kotter. I love that show. After watching a couple of episodes, I started looking at the movies that they have available. Most of them were movies I had never heard of or would never watch. There were very few big time movies at all. However, I went through the list looking for anything interesting or nostalgic. What I found was something much more valuable than I could have expected.

The movie I found was Kicking It. The story is about the thousands of players from around the globe that are training hard to compete at the Homeless World Cup. This was not something that I had ever heard of before, and I am definitely glad that I came across it. I would recommend everyone watch this movie.

The synopsis of the movie, as taken from the Hulu website, is this:

In the summer of 2006, thousands of players around the globe were training hard to compete in the World Cup…The Homeless World Cup. It began in 2001 as a wild idea to give homeless people a chance to change their lives through an international street soccer competition. Five years later, the annual Homeless World Cup has become an internationally recognized sports competition. 500 homeless players from 48 nations play from such disparate parts of the world as war torn Afghanistan, the slums of Kenya, and the drug rehab clinics of Dublin, Ireland, and the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina. What they discover is that anything is possible. Win or lose, it’s the journey of a lifetime.

This is the best example that I have seen of how having dreams, and doing whatever you can to act on them, can give you things that you never thought possible. Actively persuing your dreams means that opportunities will come your way. Your activity keeps you receptive and open when those opportunities comes around.

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