Day 9-10 – Sandpiper Apartments

Personally writen by Kyle Edginton

Yesterday we finally arrived. Actually, our GPS unit said exactly that. “You have arrived!” When you drive into the Sandpiper Apartments property, you can’t help but get that feeling. I have arrived. It is a very nice place.

I have loaded a few pictures so that you can see what it is like. You can click on each image to get a larger version.

Today, the kids are starting school. Amelia is home schooling them. It’s actually very cute. Natalie calls Amelia “Teacher”. Down here, the school kids go back to school today as well. They finish at the end of May and start at the beginning of August. The weather just gets so hot that they figure it is better to have the kids in the air conditioned school than sitting around at home watching TV and playing video games.

Sandpiper Apartments provides all sorts of great features. As you can see from the pictures there is a pool. Our refuge from the heat. It is a great pool because it has three “lobes” in the main pool where people can sort of have their own private space and then there is a water fall down to the shallow kids pool.

Besides the pool there is a 24 hour fitness center, a games room and a movie theatre. The property sits on a large man-made lake. Initally, we were pretty excited about being able to swim in the lake.

I envisioned myself swimming long distances to get in better shape, like they do at Meech Lake in Gatineau Park near Ottawa. So I asked at the office and they informed me that it probably wasn’t a good idea. Alligators! Oh, exciting, I could work on my speed! Yeah, right! I decided that swimming distances just wouldn’t happen. I do look forward to seeing an alligator though. The girl at the office (Tiffany is great), says she has been here over than 6 years and has never seen on in the complex. She has heard stories from the people that live near the waters edges that they sometimes come up into the breeze ways between the buildings, presumably to cool off. Or sit in the rain gutters that dump into the lake, to sun themselves.

So instead of swimming in the lake, I went to the fitness center to work out this morning…after a very long fight to get out of bed. Then I went for a run. By the time I got back the temperature was probably between 25° and 30° and the humidity is very high. When you walk into an air conditioned apartment in after working out in that weather, the perspiration just goes haywire. We’ll have to see if my simply baking soda deodorant will keep up in this weather. It hasn’t failed me in several months. In fact, I have thrown out all my old deodorant sticks because I never planned on using them again. We’ll see.

Take care and have a great day. I know we will.

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