Dreams Require Constant Tweaking

Personally writen by Kyle Edginton

Many times we set a goal or dream we would like to achieve, then when something changes, we abandon the dream thinking it wasn’t meant to be. You have to realize that sometimes when you state a dream, you haven’t really thought it through 100%. Sometimes it takes the process of time and change to figure out what the achievement of that dream really looks like. Sometimes new information necessitates a new approach. It may not be exactly what you thought it would be, but it is still your dream.

As an example, my wife and I have a dream of living in Costa Rica. Part of the process has been designing our future Costa Rican home for about 18 months. The first time I did this, we didn’t even have property to build on. I had everything on a flat, square plot. It was great and it incorporated all of the details I always thought I wanted. Then we went to look at lots and found out that the lots were more interesting than we had ever considered. That is, anything BUT flat and square.

I didn’t just drop the idea of living in Costa Rica. In fact, this new information made the prospect even more exciting. With respect to the house, there were so many new ideas that I could incorporate. In fact, every bit of new information changes what I can or want to do with the house. In fact, I have over 20 different designs that I have played with, dealing with about 5 different concepts.Costa Rica Home Design

You can see the latest design on my Flickr page. The house design has changed, but the main idea of living in Costa Rica has always stayed strong. With every new design, I get more and more excited. In fact, this is a great way to visualize the end result of achieving my dream.

So don’t let changes allow you to abandon your dreams. Just look at them closer and see how you can improve them.

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7 Responses to “Dreams Require Constant Tweaking”

  • Taimoor says:

    Hey Kyle.

    I think this ‘dream’ is awesome. It just shows that you need to stick by your plans and just keep doing the leg work. It seems your dream has become even more exciting when you faced a hiccup in the initial plan.

    Liking the layout. Whats at the end of the lot (in front of the pool), a beach?

  • kyle says:

    No beach. That’s just part of the driveway. It serpentines it’s way down to the bottom of the, which is very steep. We are in the mountains so…no beach. Thanks for comment, Taimoor.

  • Paul says:

    I agree with you Kyle, Dream tweaking is a never ending process because the clarity of the dream continues to become more defined.

  • kyle says:

    That’s right, Paul. And as it becomes more defined, there is more to be excited about.

  • Kelly Brown says:

    Hi, interest post. I’ll write you later about few questions!

  • JaneRadriges says:

    Hi, very nice post. I have been wonder’n bout this issue,so thanks for posting

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