Take Action to Achieve Your Dreams

Personally writen by Kyle Edginton

A few days ago I wrote that you should Never Settle on your dreams. I wanted to further that discussion a little because that might lead you to believe that your dreams never change and that if you had dreams as a child (or any earlier stage in your life) is doesn’t mean that you still need to maintain those same dreams today.

The fact is, your dreams of today may be very different than your dreams of days gone by. As we learn new things, we develop new dreams. Or, your dreams may simply be tweaked into a new, clearer form. Or maybe you still want to be a fireman and just haven’t taken action to make it happen.

Whatever you dreams are and whatever state they are in, don’t let your fears hold you back. Make a plan to achieve your dreams and then…Take Action! The hardest part of taking a great journey or making a great change in your life is to take the first step. Once you set yourself in motion, the journey gets easier and easier. You may be faced with obstacles along the way.  Just correct and continue.

It is said that an airplane is only on course 5% of the time. The changing winds are always working to push the plane off course. The pilot must constantly redirect the plane to reach its final destination. Be the pilot of your life and diligently focus on your goals and dreams and make any necessary adjustments to reach them.

I’m going after my dreams. I’ve always wanted to travel extensively with my family and maintain a lifelong committment to education and personal development. I am searching for experiences. I have made mistakes and hit many obstacles. I just continue to focus on my dreams and how important they are to me and I find ways to overcome the many different situations and continue on my journey. I look at my challenges not as difficult, but as different.

Have you forgotten your dreams?  No you haven’t!  Your mind is only hiding them from you because it perceives them as a threat. Your mind remembers everything in your life. Your dreams are still there. Take control of your life and rediscover your dreams and show the world what you can do.

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